Frequently Asked Questions Seattle WA

Welcome to the FAQ page of South Park Marina. Boats and yachts are not a common topic and we know that our future clients would want to know about our services. If you have questions regarding our boatyard services, read through below to check if they have been answered.

We are in the process of compiling and answering your questions.

How much is moorage?

Moorage $14.00 per ft. per month. Minimum moorage length 23'


What amenities does the marina include?

Each moorage slip has individually metered 30 amp shore power that is added to the monthly invoice. There is water available on the docks as well. There are restrooms with showers as well as laundry facilities.


What are the rates for boat dry storage?

Monthly storage rates are now $12.00 per ft per month up to 30' and $13.00 per ft per month 31' and above.


Do you allow liveaboards?

No, we do not.


Can you do your own work?

Yes, provided all Best Management Practices stipulated by law are met, however, all bottom paint prep must be completed by approved independent by provider.


What are the haul-out fees?

Haul-out fees are $5.50 per foot each way, $11.00 per foot for round trips. This includes blocking up in the yard.


Do you offer pressure washing?

Yes, pressure washing $4.50 per foot plus $60.00 NPDES fee.


How do I schedule a haul-out?

Just give us a call at (206) 762-3880


Call us! South Park Marina gives you no reason to worry! Keeping your boats and yachts well-maintained and ready for use on a getaway, South Park Marina in Seattle, WA will do the job! We have a team of people who will surely maintain your beautiful boat and secure it for your next adventure. For a more detailed list of our services, click here!